20 Tips to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Before getting on a long-haul flight, it helps to be prepared. Today I’ll go over 20 tips to make any long flight more comfortable and pleasant.

20 Tips on how to survive a long flight:

  1. Avoid hard to digest food before and during the flight
  2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  3. Avoid coffee and alcohol
  4. Bring medication onto the flight just in case
  5. Bring your own entertainment
  6. Bring snacks and food
  7. Don’t overeat
  8. Wear comfortable clothing
  9. Bring a neck pillow and a travel blanket
  10. Bring an eye mask and earplugs
  11. Bring noise canceling earphones/headphones
  12. Bring Melatonin
  13. Move around during the flight and wear compression socks to avoid DVT
  14. Bring toiletries
  15. Book a window seat
  16. Bring warm clothing
  17. Wear closed-toe shoes, preferably slip-ons.
  18. Bring a medical face mask
  19. Bring a bag that fits under the airline seats
  20. If carrying a roll-on suitcase, board the plane first

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